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Awesome Handbag Brands

If you are looking for the best handbag brands, you may be wondering if you should spend the money on a designer handbag, luxury handbag, or leatherette handbag at your nearest retailer. The answer is that your needs determine which one you should choose. This article tells you the best brands of designer bags and everyday women’s handbags that you can buy in almost any store.

Your search for the right bag begins by determining the size of the bag you need. More Handbag brands Craft a variety of sizes including shoulder bag, tote bag, messenger bag, Birkin bag, saddle, Bucket Bag, Bucket Bag, hobo bag, clutch bag, belt bag, mini bag, or handbag. Your perfect handbag is different from your best friend’s definition of perfection. She might like cannon bags, which means she needs a Chanel bag, while you might like handbags, which means you should buy Michael Kors. If you want to gather all the French things and a French handbag, Hermès is your must-have bag.

Let us dive into the many possibilities that are at your disposal among the best brands of handbags. They range from everyday affordability to expensive stratospheric, but they offer a well-made build that will last for years. Some of these brands, such as the American manufacturer of luggage and bags Coach, offer a lifetime Warranty on their products.

The best brands of handbags

As you probably know, there are more designer handbag brands that we can count on. Many of them come and many of them go. Those who find a way to stand out with superior Design or treatment persist. Many brands that have stuck around are now household names. Whether you buy designer bags or not, you’ve probably heard the brand names. Below is a List of the best brands of designer handbags.

Every woman should own a Chanel handbag at some point in her life. This French design house produces Haute Couture at the dawn of Fashion. Its bags and wallets are distinguished by their craftsmanship, high-quality materials and wide color palette. Handbags, use Leather, Goat leather and Wool as the most common Materials. As mentioned earlier, it is best known for its fasce pocket.


Also considered a must-Have French Designer Handbag brand, Hermes, makes all its clutches and leather bags. This design house uses a classic style and a variety of color options. Known for its signature Hermes scarves, no signature Hermes bag exists, but the Hermes Birkin comes close. You will find it in bright orange, Fuchsia, and you choose the one you like the most and it is your bag.

Luxury Products Designer Dior produces canvas bags and leather bags with modern Designs. The French Designer adds whimsical accents to his designer handbags and offers many colors and styles. For this reason, there is no typical dior bag.

Louis Vuitton

The handbag brand Louis Vuitton is also from France. Louis Vuitton makes most of its Leather wallets and Purses. The most famous bags of the design house use its Logo on your face. Choose from a Variety of Colors and Styles.


Gucci bags offer one of the options of Italian investment bags. This is not a design. Many people buy Gucci bags (and Chanel and Hermes) as an investment. This Italian brand makes some of the best luxury leather products in the world. Gucci’s house also uses “precious materials” such as crocodile and alligator skins. They stamp the material of each bag with Double-G Logo.


The Italian designer brand Prada makes beautiful leather handbags as well as messenger bags in canvas and satin polyester. Known for a minimalist design perspective, they sometimes publish a bag with more structure and unique materials. In the Prada line you will find a wide variety of colors and styles.

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