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Methods To Wear Cowboy Hats for Men

If you see people stylishly dressed in a cowboy hat, you must have chosen the right one and return it to improve the overall image. It is not easy because you have to shape it and place it at the appropriate angle if you want to look good.

For example, an American cowboy hat is not worn as you would a cowboy hat. While both are worn on the head, they must place each other to highlight the elegant effect.

Tips to follow when wearing a cowboy hat for men

1. Choose the right hat

Before you wear cowboy hats for men, first choose the right size. Measure the size of your head and compare the size with the one on the site. For example, if you want an American Ride cowboy hat, check if there is one with your head size before ordering.

Consider the color and material of the hat. If the weather is usually cold, a felt hat is an ideal option; however, if it is hot, choose the straw material.

However, if you already have a hat, but you do not like to wear it because it is large, you should install a foam inside. There is probably a ribbon inside the hat. Loosen it and place the foam before reinstalling the tape.

2. Hat shape

Use your hands to create a tooth and shape the hat. Watch a tutorial on how to train cowboy hats for men and try it on. Be versatile and wear a hat of different shapes every time. It is important to note that the shape of cowboy hats is determined by the material. Some are easily shaped into different shapes, while others are harder.

3. Feel the Hat on your Head

If you have short hair, it is easy to wear the hat, but if you have long hair, pull it and tie it in a straight ponytail. If you pull your hair in the middle of the head, the shape of cowboy hats for men will be deformed.

Check the bow inside the hat and place the side with the bow on the back. However, if your hat lacks a Bow, look at the narrowest side of the hat and place the hat with the narrow side forward.

Angle the Brim of the Hat, as You wish and depending on the Occasion You visit. For example, you can lower the edge on the front to cover most of your forehead, or tilt it back to look friendly and casual.

4. Customize Your Hat with the right gear

Cowboy hats for men are best if you combine them with the right outfit. Try to wear a monochrome shirt with buttons, jeans and boots.

Take away

There are several occasions when you can wear a cowboy hat, including horseback riding. The fact is that you need to stay stylish and protect your face from the hot sun. So choose the right size and type of hat and wear it for this horse-related occasion.

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