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Must Have Makeup Trends That Are Here To Stay

Trends and changes are important aspects of our lives. Just as we adapt to new trends in kitchens and clothing, there are constant changes and adaptations in make-up trends. With so many changes in the skincare and makeup trend in the past year, we have become more aware of our skincare routines. Well, at least in this recent times we had a little more time to pamper our skin and sometimes apply a light makeup.

Speaking of trends, one trend that caught our attention was the serum and mask leaves, as they are super easy to use and more convenient. While in makeup, dew mist is something that everyone likes because it is simple and elegant.

We have worked with creative and immensely talented social media influencers to find out which makeup trend will overturn in 2021. We know you knew it best! Here are your thoughts on current makeup trends:

The emoji trend is the most viewed trend on my TikTok account. I have done it several times and accumulated over 100M views. How it works You or your followers chose 4 emojis and you had to find a creative makeup look inspired by these emojis.

Many make-up artists are sometimes creatively blocked, so being inspired by the myriad emojis for a look is a great way to find an original idea.

I really like this trend because there aren’t many beauty trends that are pushed towards people who aren’t already on makeup TikTok, but this challenge has given makeup designers a chance to participate and show their art to people who wouldn’t normally see it. As I said before, he involved 4 makeup for a video, so it was a lot of work.

I’ve seen the smokey liner on Instagram a lot recently! It is also always loved on my side when I post a smokey liner look. I think that this makeup trend was a big problem 2-3 years ago, but it is making its comeback lately. Many of my viewers are interested in the same thing and this kind of look is back all over Instagram.

Personally, I also like smokey liners because they are suitable for all eye shapes and are wearable day and night with just one color change! I wear such looks when I walk, because they beautifully accentuate the features of my eyes. The new kind of foxy liner trend in which you add an inner corner wing is also my current favorite makeup trend.

These smokey liner or FOXY wings are good for facelift effect and they make their functionality very fierce. I love to combine good lashes in looks, where the outer V has a smokey effect, as in smokey Liner.

I would recommend choosing a longer lash at the outer ends to give this wing that extra punch! A good smoky wing and a good pair of eyelashes have never gone out of fashion.

Graphic liners make a huge comeback and I have long been in love with graphic liners, which helps to lift the entire makeup look and make it bold and elegant.

Makeup trends change all the time, but I really believe that some trends are evergreen that are always making a comeback or are permanent. One such trend is soft glam, soft glam is here to stay and has become a favorite of so many people.

Soft glam is fast, minimal, but so slightly sensual, confused about what makeup to wear for a date night? Sweet glam! Confused about this makeup looks like skirt at your best friend’s wedding? Sweet glam! Freshers or farewell from university? Sweet glam! I really believe that people love these trends that they can easily achieve and get the best results, soft glam is such a trend as it improves its properties is so beautiful.

The possibilities are endless, you can go for a monochromatic moment or you can use a touch of color, makeup is an art, enjoy the process.

If you have a good base, make sure you prepare your skin well before applying makeup, apply your favorite eye shadow and lipstick and apply to a mascara or a lot of mascara, apply a little(or a lot) of blush, and there you have it, the most persistent makeup trend that is achieved in less than 10 minutes.

The best part about it is that you can absolutely do it at any opportunity, and it will always be your favorite look.

2021 giving up exaggerated cat eyes “spotty” liners are here to stay.

So I recently tried these crayons from Fashion color cosmetics. My favorite food of all time, and has not left us since time immemorial, had become a bit boring, so I wanted to try something fresh and new.

Spotty pencils / liners are the new trendsetters of 2021, whether sunset or night wedding-shimmering or matte color, spotty liner looks can really create or break it!

Here’s how you can also get this super simple look –

  1. Simply make a straight line with the desired color pencil
  2. Take the smallest brush.
  3. Stretch your eye from the outside and with your smallest brush spot the lining gives external features.
  4. If you want, you can also add some glitter.
  5. Voila! You have the most amazing trend look for the day.

These bright poppy “ridges” are here to stay!

One trend I’ve tried and now love is the lifting concealer trend, where you apply a concealer to specific areas of your face to give your face a “lift”.

You can use a lighter concealer to mark certain parts of the face such as the outer corners of an eye at an upward angle, the outer corner of the lip, and finally, a blow under the cheekbones, then mix it with a beauty blender. It gives your face a noticeable, but subtle Facelift. You can even use a darker shade of corrector to add contours to the sizes of the face.

My favorite part of this makeup trend is that you use fewer products and always achieve a truly flawless result. I would really recommend that you try it.

With a switch to minimalist makeup, the makeup trends for colored eyes and shiny toned lips are here to stay. Having spent most of 2020 at home gave everyone all the time to try and experiment with makeup colors that we don’t usually think they wear. There was never a better time to play with these unused eyeshadow. Since we will always wear face masks, people will be more creative with their eye makeup.

For 2021, vibrant, bright and pastel tones will dominate the theme. Play with the colors and give your basic black eyeliner a touch. Add this punch factor to your makeup. Take any color of your choice and create your own colored lining with a mixing holder. You can mix clean lines like classic cat eye or winged liner or graphic eyeliner like negative space liner or simply two or more colors for a shaded effect. It is a super fast and easy way to add a fun element to your look.

Let’s take a break from our basic black liner and try out this make-up trend in 2021. It will give off great cool-girl vibrations with hardly any effort. Complement the look with a pink base, soft cheeks, in combination with a lip tint or gloss.

2020 was a crucial year because of Recent times, and one thing that has become an integral part of our appearance-the masks. Since most of our faces are covered with a mask, the upper part of our face attracts all attention. Eye makeup is one thing we can experience and eyeliners are there to enhance the look of the eyes.

Summer is here, we can try to be experimental. Use bright, colorful, and Neon Eyeliner and unleash your creativity. There are so many styles to try – cat’s eyes, winged, dramatic, or just go for a simple subtle.

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